Beautiful pieces of earth made into everyday items.


Looking for crystals to boost positive energy in your home or office?

You are in the right place my friend! 

There are soooo many different types of crystals. Each one is filled with their own healing abilities for the mind, body, and soul. They’re thought to promote the flow of good energy and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits.


Lighting is essential.

Lamps are perfect for any room!


Selenite Crystal Lamps are natural beauty that is a great décor piece. Not only beautiful to look at, this selenite unblocks stagnant energy and will create a better flow in the home in settles in. Add this minimalist touch to your home or office and it will be sure to brighten up any home.


Selenite crystals are all about illumination, balance, harmony and peace. 



Agate mineral rocks vibrate or resonate at a slower, less intense rate than some of their more high-frequency quartz relatives.


These less intense vibrations impart strength and stability. Agate meaning includes yin and yang energy, providing a balance between the positive and negative.


There are hundreds of different types of agate. In fact, one could collect only agate stone varieties and accrue all the crystals one would need for healing the body and mind. This is actually included in agate benefits at the heart of agate meaning " balance and harmony in the body and mind " and it can be achieved easily with different varieties of agate.

Candles make every room naturally soothing.

Rose quartz, selenite, and agates with a lit candle will magnify high vibes all around.


Wow your guests, complete your home look, or simply make the room much more appealing. Natural lighting matched with unique gemstone items will add the perfect touch!


bring natural healing & beauty into your home or office.

Agate bookends give your book collection a gorgeous natural look. 

The possibilities are endless but not limited to only bookends with these beautiful hand cut stones - These are great for your office or home, as a gift, feng shui, display, book ends, etc.


The energies of an agate will elevate and uplift you, help you find peace and solitude, and keep positive energy flowing. Agate is said to strengthen the body and the body's connection to the Earth. Agate is a crystal of protection, banishes fear, encourages bravery, and helps heal. 


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