Looking for a new love, rekindle romance in an existing relationship, mend a broken heart, express self-love, attract a soul mate, nurture eroticism or build a healthy relationship?

Crystals can light your love life on fire!


For centuries crystals have been associated with building strong and positive relationships and being a source of aiding love and romance.



The top five crystals that have love inspiring vibes:


Rose quartz:

the go-to love stone, gentle, compassionate, loving energy

Watermelon tourmaline:

joy, love, calming, heart-centeredness, heals the physical heart


builds self-love, reminds you how precious you are, strengthens healthy physical relationship with your own body or with your partner, sensual pleasures


bring luck in love, useful in reconciling estranged lovers, related to the heart and fertility


loving compassion, giving, self-love & self-esteem, detoxes and strengthens the glands



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