Crystal Care 101

Everything you need to know about clearing & charging your crystals with these simple techniques.


So, what is the difference between cleansing or charging crystals?


Cleansing Vs Charging

Removes energy

Adds energy

Cleanses ALL energy

Energizes crystal

Restores crystal to natural state

Fills crystal with specific energy



"When should you cleanse or charge crystals?"

  1. It is always best to cleanse when you get a new crystal.
  2. If you feel like the energy is off then it is a good idea to cleanse or charge the energy to a high vibe.
  3. When the energy comes into contact with negative energy.
  4. Whenever your intuition tells you it is time.


Common Methods

  • The elements

    • Water

      • Soak, sprinkle or pass under running water for a quick cleanse/charge
      • Saltwater and rainwater bath for a more intensive cleanse/charge
        • Never soak the following crystals in salt water:

          • Porous crystals
          • Crystals that contain metal
          • Crystals that have a water content (Opal)
          • Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Hematite, Selenite
    • Fire

      • Pass through candle flame for a fiery energy
      • Leave under moonlight overnight, or in the sun
      • Earth

        • Bury in the earth to charge with earthly energy
        • Place in a terracotta pot filled with dirt for a couple hours. Alternatively, you can place it on a geode.
        • Air

          • Pass through smoke from smudge stick or fan it to charge/cleanse it with air energy
          • Also try burning incense or a breeze for a few minutes through the crystal.
        • Smoke cleansing

          • Light herbs or plants while leading the smoke to cleanse 
          • Sage, sandalwood, cedarwood, and sweetgrass are the best smudging herbs to use for crystal clearing
          • Moon & Sunlight

            • Set crystals in window or outside to bathe in natural moon or sun energy
            • Full or New moons are the best moon phases to charge or cleanse!
              • Don't use the sun method for the following crystals:
                • Amethyst
                • Aquamarine
                • Aventurine
                • Beryl
                • Citrine
                • Fluorite
                • Kunzite
                • Rose Quartz
                • Sapphire
                • Smokey Quartz
          • Sound acoustics

            • Use a tuning fork or any loud sound/vibration (binaural beats).
            • Music or any sound turned up LOUD so that the amplitude is HIGH.
            • You can also use something beautiful like a crystal singing bowl, drums or gongs.
            • Visualization

              • Hold crystal and visualize white light flowing through crystal and filling it with positive energy
              • Our thoughts are a highly powerful source of energy, able to transform emotions, energetic tension, and cleanse crystals.
              • More crystals

                • Quartz and amethyst crystal clusters help cleanse, charge and keep the crystal happy
                • Other crystals help them back into resonance with their natural frequencies.

              How to Cleanse & Charge Crystals:

              First, you want to find the target of your cleansing and choose an appropriate method.

              Always trust your intuition.

              Hold an intention as you are cleansing while staying focused and grounded. Focus on your crystal and bring to mind the energy you would like to program your crystal with (keep it to one). 

              Follow up by filling the space with positive energy to avoid negative energies rushing back in.


              Here's a useful video from Hibiscus Moon on how to use some of these methods:


              Store your crystals in pouches, silk, wooden boxes or anything that will shield the crystals from external energy.

              If you keep them out for display then you may need to cleanse or charge more often.



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