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Amethyst Ornaments :
Available for purchase individually or in a set of 4.

These beautiful natural gems are ready to be added to a Christmas tree. Watch
their beauty lights up even brighter on a tree with lights.

Adding new ornaments every year is a must! Add one or more of these beauties to
your tree or gift this beautiful and meaningful ornament this year. They will
sure to cherish it for a life time.

**(We recommend being careful with these ornaments as you would with glass

If you’re looking for an ornament, but didn’t quite see one you liked here,
message us! We might have available agates to be made into ornaments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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AMETHYST MOST COMMON USES (are but not limited to)

- Boosting Creativity

- Emotional Balancing

- Helping relieve Addictive Tendencies

- Enhancing psychic abilities and tuning into energies

- Third eye & Crown Chakras