Bloodstone | Raw Stone


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Approximate Measurements:
Weight: 80g - 120g
Dimensions: 2" x 1 1/2"

*Because these beautiful crystals are natural the one(s) you receive will look similar to the photos shown but not identical since each piece is unique.

***if you have any special requests, please message us and we will do our best to accommodate and customize your order to your liking.

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Bloodstone History:

Bloodstone has been a vital stone in the history of human beings for centuries. Mined for over 5,000 years, this stone has been prized as jewelry, cups, insignia, as a talisman, and for its “magical” properties. At one time in history, Bloodstone’s magical properties included invisibility, healing a nosebleed, controlling the weather, and preserving health and youth. This stone is believed to control the weather and banish evil by the ancients. Bloodstone was called the Stone of Babylon by Alexander the Great. Ancient magicians believed it could make them invisible.

Bloodstone Metaphysical Uses:

It has often been told that Bloodstone has the power to predict future events by causing extreme meteorological happenings. And it was also told that this prophecy might be enhanced by dropping the Bloodstone in water and then placing the water in direct sunlight. The eternal message that lies within the Bloodstone is for one to “be present now”, bringing mystical energies to increase adaptability and organization by lessening anxiety and confusion, thus amplifying concentration, allowing one to be more ‘present’. It is said to grant one the power of renewal, physical, emotional as well as mental. Told to offer powers of providing for the revitalization and renewal of all relationships in friendship and love as well. Said to strengthen one’s self-confidence and open one’s senses to inner guidance, helping to keep calm, especially during survival situations.

Bloodstone Physical Healing:

Bloodstone has been known since antiquity to help with the cleansing of blood as well as any organ related, or connected with the flow of blood in the body. It was said to be a wonderful detoxifier for the body in general, and initiates healing and renewal on almost all levels. Bloodstone was believed to increase energy emotionally and physically, assisting in overcoming depression as well as emotionally inflicted pain, but is most prominent use is to halt bleeding. This stone was frequently carried by soldiers either to offer magical first aid or to avoid initial wounds all together. A Bloodstone held to a bleeding nose is said to stop the flow of blood almost immediately. An excellent women’s stone, as it relieves not only symptoms of menstrual and menopausal pain, but also assists women with strength and stamina while in labor and childbirth. Also a popular stone with athletes to enhance physical strength as well as to win favor in their competitions. Finely powdered Bloodstone is often used as an aphrodisiac, and this stone is worn to cure fevers, help with the spleen, kidney, liver, bladder and intestines, as well as general health, to keep the blood healthy and assist in curing blood related diseases as well as to lengthen one’s lifespan. Quite a remarkable well rounded healing stone.

Bloodstone Chakra:

Although it is predominantly green, it is the flecks of red, caused by iron oxide or hematite impurities within the Bloodstone, which steer it to the Root Chakra. If you are feeling insecure about your job, home or family, then this is a certain sign of a blocked Root Chakra and Bloodstone is the ideal gemstone to help clear it.