Crackle Quartz Tower


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✨ Crackle Quartz ✨  ( clear quartz)

"Master Healer"

  • Cleansing / Clarity
  • Removes Negative energy of all kinds
  • Balances mental and emotional distress
  • Aids in concentration


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Did you know the shape of your crystal play an affect in how to use them? Towers / obelisk crystals amplify energy and focus it through the point of the crystal

Approximate Measurements:
Weight: Small - oz to 4 oz
Height: Small - 2" to 3" 

Weight: Large - around 5 oz
Height: Large - 3" to 4”  

*Because these beautiful crystals are natural the obelisk you receive will look similar to the photos shown but not identical since each piece is unique. 
* It is common to have imperfect looks in these, since they are natural. If you are concerned about the specific one you will receive - please message us for photos or leave a note at check out. We will do our best to let you select.

There's nothing more fun for a crystal collector than adding crystals all over the house, and using them for all purposes. Here is yet another way to have crystals around your home!
These will make a gorgeous addition to any living space or office space.

Beautiful and thoughtful with their great vibes these are great wedding, engagement, and housewarming gifts.

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