Gray Map Jasper Crystal Phone Stand (natural gemstone)


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Gray Jasper custom gemstone stand for phones!

**You will receive a crystal phone stand similar to the ones shown in the photos but not an exact replica.

***IMPORTANT*** PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASE. Most of these are larger and heavier pieces **
Approximate Measurements:
- Diameter: 1.75 - 2 inches
- Height: 0.5 inches (without extending phone stand)
- Weight: 2 - 3 ounces

*These are all natural gemstones, each one is unique is shape, size and look. No two crystals are identical so they will vary in look, size, and characteristics. Photo lighting may make colors appear slightly different. They can have natural blemishes, colors, cracks and holes that are beautiful in their natural way.

Our products go through several quality control checks before they are delivered to customers. The crystal phone stands don't typically break or crack. It does happen if you're not careful or they break naturally (quartz crystals are more fragile than the others). We do not use pure gold for our edges on gemstones. Only pure gold stays shiny and does not rust, discolor or tarnish. When moisture mixes with oxygen and sulfur compounds in the metals mixed with the gold, corrosion will take place on the surface causing a tarnished look. Unfortunately this happens over time or naturally from heat, chemicals, or water. **Due to high-volume sales, we are unable to process a refund/exchange after 7 days of item’s delivery. Please let us know immediately if there is an issue with your order**

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Jasper Meaning:

The Jasper Stone is a variety of Chalcedony. It’s an opaque stone that’s usually brown in color, but it also comes in grey, blue, white, purple, green, pink, red, orange, and yellow. Its name is derived from the Latin ‘iaspidem’, or the Old French ‘jaspre’. The name Jasper means spotted or speckled stone. This is because it sometimes has mineral, ash, or sediment material. Jasper Stone is found all over the world, but most comes from India and Australia. In terms of more spiritual and esoteric consideration, asking what does jasper mean often yields countless different interpretations and results. However, one of the most common interpretations of this stone and its energies relates to its remarkable ability to bring a sense of peace, patience and understanding to all with whom it connects. This is a wonderful influence indeed, and throughout these civilizations as listed above – and beyond – jasper has classically been treasured for its abilities in keeping the peace as much as its appearance and element of prestige.

Jasper Healing:

In the physical realm, the Jasper Stone has a variety of uses that can help in the healing of the body. For starters, it’s considered a highly restorative stone for the deteriorating tissues of the internal organs. This particular Jasper meaning is partly why the stone has become so beloved, even in the earliest civilizations in the world. Aches, paints and feelings of discomfort are all capably handled and healed by Jasper, in differing amounts depending on the size of the stone and how attuned you are to it. Don’t take this to mean that healing with Jasper is complicated though – it’s a simple, spiritual process that anyone can work with. Better still, there seems to be very little that Jasper cannot turn its talents to, so to speak. Physical ailments are a specialty of the Jasper gemstone, but you’re just as easily able to turn it to emotional and spiritual healing too. It’s easy to forget sometimes that our emotional well being is so intricately tied to our physical health, and vice versa. Healthy body, healthy mind, as they say. It’s also known to be very effective in treating disorders related to the stomach, liver, bladder, spleen, and kidneys. The Jasper Stone can aid in regulating the body’s mineral content, such as manganese, zinc, sulfur, and iron. It’s also a good stone to have when you have digestive problems. It’s very beneficial when it comes to nose bleeds because it can staunch the blood flow. The healing energies of this stone are also helpful in reducing hemorrhoids, soothing epilepsy, and in easing the pains connected to gout.

Jasper Chakra:

Place any Jasper on the Base Chakra to stabilize and energize the physical body. Laying it over each chakra in turn, will cleanse, boost and realign the chakras and aura, balancing yin and yang energies as well as aligning the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm. With Jasper’s diverse range of colors, it is marvelous for use in body layouts, and individual colors should be placed appropriately for specific chakra healing.

Jasper Uses:

The Jasper Stone is known as the Nurturing Stone. Having it in your life will feel like having a best friend by your side because it will sustain you during times of stress. It will bring you peacefulness, happiness, and completeness. It will give your confidence a boost, and it will get rid of all your irrational fears. Jasper Stone has often be said to be associated with good blood flow, with the season of autumn, and with a sense of inner grounding. Part of this comes from the colors of this crystal, while other interpretations have come about thanks to the feeling of the energies of this stone. Many people who love Jasper do so because it anchors them to the present moment, and prevents them from running afoul of ruminating too much over the past or the future – losing themselves to things beyond their control. It’s good feng shui to wear the Jasper Stone as jewelry or to put it as decoration around your home. It’s known to provide cures in the body and in the home, especially if you have a specific issue or problem that you want to address. It’s the perfect stone to have inside your home when you want to have more energy and vitality, as well as peace and harmony. You can place a Jasper Stone in the southwest part if you want to attract love or enhance your marriage. Jasper crystal has a wonderful ability to connect you to the physical and the spiritual all at once. All too often, we have to almost forego one in order to be fully present with the other, but that’s not the case here. Jasper is a stone that helps to connect these alternative realms of being, and jasper healing properties overall help you to remember that mind, body and spirit aren’t necessarily separate – they are all parts of the same whole. In other words, you! Confidence that comes without arrogance is sometimes a tricky balance to strike, yet this is something that jasper can help with pretty keenly. A good way of helping these energies to find you is to make jasper a part of your meditation habits, more and more. There is no right or wrong way to do this – this stone is pretty laid back and easy to work with. For many, it’s as simple as placing a piece of jasper in the area you like to meditate in and letting it work its magic. However, some other people prefer to hold the stone close to them during meditation, connecting closely with it and using it as an anchoring stoner during their ethereal journey. Sit in silence while holding your Jasper Stone in your hands. Visualize your intentions and let your body feel the stone’s energies.