MOM Crystal Macramé Keychain | BOHO | Pick a color | Blue Pink Purple Teal Tan / Clear


Don't forget these...

Set of : One Crystal Keychain + One macramé + One acrylic “mom” | Pick a color | PINK + BLUE + TEAL + PURPLE Amethyst or Geode + TAN with Citrine or Clear Quartz

Gift your mom the easiest way to carry a healing crystal for long lasting good energy.

1 Natural Brazilian Crystal Key Chain color of your choice
1 Macramé
1 Acrylic “MOM”

-All crystals range in look and size since they are natural stones. The sizes range but most are approximately 1.5" and will look similar to pictures shown

*Because these beautiful crystals are natural every one is unique in look and shape, the one you receive look similar to the photos shown but not identical.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message us! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Geode Meaning:

A geode begins as a molten volcanic flow and when it begins to harden, gasses form bubbles which are the outer shell of the geode. The gas and minerals then begin to form the inner surface of the geode. The outer shell consists of limestone, dolomite, clay or other hard stone. Inward you will have amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, calcite, chalcedony, or other minerals growing inward toward the center. Geodes usually range in size from one inch to two feet, on rarer occasions as large as six feet or more. The Geode, depending on its core mineral, can assist in many ways. It assists greatly in meditation to see the bigger picture of a particular situation. You may use it to connect to your higher consciousness or your group consciousness. Geodes are a type of natural rock formation that contains a cavity lined with crystals or another type of mineral matter. They are formed as a hollow bubble inside of a layer of rock which was created by volcanic forces or chemical precipitation. The word Geode comes from the Greek term, Geoides, which means Earth-like. In the healing world, geodes are strange phenomena to many and hold a meaning that assists with harmony and creativity from a metaphysical perspective. Each geode holds a special energy and can hold just about anything. Geodes are more about reminding one of a feeling than about healing other things. It is important that you find the one that connects to you and holds a feeling you connect to when choosing to work with geodes.

Geode Uses:

Bigger geodes can help create a chi flow in areas of your home. Many see geodes as a feminine property due to the cavity which could represent the womb. Geodes can help communicate with divine beings and assist in creating better moods, balances, and energies that can help with meditation, stress, and decision-making. Their multiple uses come from the fact that crystal formations vary and each crystal varies in minerals held. Across the board, they have many health benefits and promote well-being.

Types of Geodes:

Amethyst geodes are filled with a highly popular gemstone called amethyst. This stone used to be considered as the ‘Stone of Mind,’ having the power to ease your emotions as well as calm your mind. It was also believed to be able to enhance your mental state, providing you the will power and strength to be able to pursue your passions and dreams, at the same time restraining from undesirable habits. Even today, amethyst is known to enhance the powers of the crown chakra, that is, your wisdom, universality, and transcendence. Many people prefer to keep the gemstone in their study room to boost their chakra skills.

Quartz geodes are hollow spherical rocks rich in quartz deposits. Quartz is the most abundant mineral found in the earth’s surface, as well as the most widely used natural substance. Its unique physical and chemical properties make it useful in a variety of ways. Its luster, color, and diaphaneity make it an ideal gemstone. Not only is it hard and durable, but it is also capable of accepting a brilliant polish. Some common varieties of quartz gemstone include rose quartz, aventurine, jasper, and smoky quartz. When the quartz geode appears in transparent and opaque shades, many regard it as a marker for feng shui that helps boost the flow of energy in a living place.

Calcite geodes contain deposits of one of the most powerful healing crystals, calcite. It is the most abundantly found mineral in Indiana. It is the major mineral found in geodes composed of the host rock limestone, which is Indiana’s state stone. Calcite crystals serve as powerful energy amplifiers for homes, raising the energy levels of your space. The crystal’s energy clearing and cleansing properties promote the flow of positive energy all over the place. The radiation of revitalizing, calming energies from calcite crystals unlocks any blockages in energy channels. The most effective calcite crystal is the white calcite, which is the most powerful source of energy among them.

Citrine Geodes are golden colored geodes that are radiant like the sun and are strongly associated with the spiritual aspects of our lives. They promote positive energy, replace the darkness of our lives with light, and bring happiness to our lives. The citrine geode is also associated with solar plexus energy. This means that it enhances our self-confidence and personal power. Using this geode, we feel more alive and radiant. It helps us to stop being shy and not worry about what others think.