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Crystal Beer Bottle Openers
Love Crystals and Beer? You found your product.

Currently Available in :
-Tiger's Eye (Orange + Black)
-Tourmalated Quartz (White + Black)
-Clear Yellow Quartz (Light Yellow + Clear)
-Rainbow Fluorite (Purple + Green Layers)
-Labradorite (Dark Gray + Green Fluorescence)
-Rose Quartz (Pink)
-Amethyst (Purple)
-Green Fluorite (Light Green + Clear)
-Sodalite (Blue + White)

Approximate Measurement: 6"X 1.5"

There's nothing more fun for a crystal collector than adding crystals all over the house, and using them for all purposes. Here is yet another way to have crystals around your home! These will make a gorgeous addition to any kitchen or bar.

Beautiful and thoughtful with their great vibes these are great wedding, engagement, and housewarming gifts.

***if you have any special requests, please message us and we will do our best to accommodate and customize your order to your liking.

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