Raw (Cluster) Clear Quartz on a metal stand 1 lb 11 oz | Quartz Cluster in a stand | Clear Quartz | Great gift


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Raw Clear Quartz Cluster on a metal stand

Approximate weight - 1 lb 11 oz
Approximate size: 7.5"H (with stand) by 3"W by 3"D

These beautiful clear quartz clusters stand alone and are perfect for an office
space or home décor. Place it anywhere and benefit not just from its beauty but
the qualities that it brings with it.

CLEAR MOST COMMON USES (are but not limited to)
- Protects against negativity
- Enhanced personal awareness and growth
- Open communication
- Enhancing spiritual healing
- Cleanse, opens, activate, and align all of the chakras, but more particularly
the crown chakra.

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Clear Quartz Meaning:

Clear quartz is the most iconic of the quartz family. One of the most abundant
minerals in the world, clear quartz can develop in a wide range of environments
and can be found on every continent. For this reason, quartz is tied into the
lore of many ancient cultures from around the world. The term “quartz” comes
from the Greek word for “ice.” Ancient Greek philosophers like Theophrastus
believed that the transparent stone was a form of permanent ice, so cold, it
kept from thawing. Every ancient culture had a different clear quartz meaning.
In Japan, the clear quartz meaning referred to a “perfect jewel” because they
believed it symbolized space, purity and patience. Indigenous North American
cultures thought of the stone as a sentient being, and would gift it food as
well as other offerings in respect for its clear quartz meaning. Both cultures
in the Australia and South America have a similar quartz meaning within their
creation myths that describes a cosmic serpent, the creator of life, who was
being led by a quartz crystal. To cultures in Central and South America, the
quartz meaning was that of a vessel. The believed that the spirits of their
ancestors were held in clear quartz like an urn for spirits. They carved the
clear quartz stone into the shape of a human skull, and used it as a religious
talisman. In Scotland and Ireland, quartz crystals were carved into spheres.
They believed clear quartz had the metaphysical ability to heal ailments in
their cattle. Today, different metaphysical attributes are given to the stone.

A Quartz properties like amplification and programmability, are essential to
manifesting intentions. To program the quartz with your intentions, hold it in
the palm of your hand, and focus on what you want to transfer into the crystal.
The crystal’s memory will download your intentions, and help to manifest those
goals through its ability to amplify in the same way it does in technological
devices. However, quartz healing properties will amplify any energy surrounding
or being put into it, so making sure to occasionally cleanse the stone is
important in order to maintain a positive energy.

Handmade item

Materials: Rock, stone, gem, earth, minerals, cyrstal, natural, nature, energy, agate, geode, dirt, quartz

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Length: 10

Height: 10