Rose Amethyst Slice on a stand 0 lbs 12 oz | Rose Amethyst | Pink Amethyst


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Rose Amethyst Slice on a stand | Rose Amethyst | Pink Amethyst

Approximate Measurements:
- Height: 8.25"
- Width: 3.75"
- Depth: 1.5"
- Weight: 0 lb 12 oz

*These are all natural gemstones, each one is unique is shape, size and look. No two crystals are identical so they will vary in look, size, and characteristics. Photo lighting may make colors appear slightly different. They can have natural blemishes, colors, cracks and holes that are beautiful in their natural way.

*Zoom into the stone to make sure you choose the best option for yourself. They say stones choose you a lot of the time. My best advice is to go for the one that calls to you.

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Rose Amethyst Meaning:

Pink Amethyst is a newly discovered form of Quartz from Patagonia, Argentina. The colour range is pale lilac/pink to a deeper toned peachy/pink however it is different in tone and clarity from that of Rose Quartz. The colour is the result of inclusions of Hematite and spectroscopic analysis indicates that this form of Quartz is closer in its absorption to Amethyst than to either Rose Quartz or Pink Quartz and can thus be described as Pink Amethyst. The frequency of Pink Amethyst connects to the heart, third eye and crown chakras stimulating these chakras so that one is open to the love and guidance from one’s soul. Via the heart chakra this crystal helps one to view one’s life’s experiences from the higher perspective of one’s soul and thus allowing one to act with a strong sense of divine love. The soft but powerful energy of this beautiful pink crystal opens and stimulates the crown chakra so that one is able to act upon the ‘little prompts’ that via intuition are a soul perspective which allows one to be guided by one’s soul in all areas of one’s life and experiences. This helps one to live one’s life as a soul-infused personality radiating divine love and aiding one to become non-judgemental and accepting of others for who they really are. Rose Amethyst is a specific variety of Amethyst displaying a gradient of pink and lilac colors. They form in flower-like bunched of prismatic crystals. They are round in cracks in basalt, and ‘plucked’, usually leaving a green chloride contact point on the bottom. The violet or blue hues found in the center are actually Chalcedony. There is a slight distortion to the trigonal crystal habit of this Amethyst, creating stepped patterns on the faces. Pink Amethyst also shares this unusual crystal habit. Rose Amethyst comes primarily from just one part of Brazil. Rose Amethyst crystals are unique to the Rio Grande do Sul area of Brazil and the flower shaped specimens can usually be traced to just a few locations which are the only sources for excellent quality blossoms. Rose Amethyst and Pink Amethyst are not the same crystal. But they do share an unusual crystal habit; they both have a distortion to their trigonal habit, creating a stepped or stair-like pattern on the faces. Rose Amethyst will be a pale pink or lilac color and form in flower-like sprays. They are found only in Rio Grande de Sol in cracks in basalt. The shape of Pink Amethyst looks similar to standard purple Amethyst clusters, as they also form in geodes. Pink Amethyst will have a darker pink shade, sometimes bordering on red.

Rose Amethyst Healing:

These rare pink amethyst geodes are so pretty, and they evoke such powerfully warm feelings of love, peace, and serenity. Geodes are truly special formations from Gaia herself – unassuming on the outside and lined with a sweet crystal surprise on the inside. I love working with geodes because they remind me of life itself: there’s always more than meets the eye, and it is in going beyond the surface that we discover pure magic. Pink amethyst is a rare stone and isn’t a popular version of amethyst, which is why I am grateful to be able to offer it to you. These pink amethyst geodes come to you with the same peaceful vibration of amethyst, with an extra emphasis on love, healing, and patience. Work with one of these beautiful specimens to balance the energies of the mind with that of the heart.

Rose Amethyst Emotional Healing:

Pink amethyst gemstone offers strong protection against the negative energies of the environment and the bad spirits around you. It is very important to connect to your psychic pinnacle to achieve bigger goals in life. It aids in healing the grievous injuries in life especially earned from the relationships and friendships. Power of amethyst is noticed in the following conditions of life:
-Clarity of mind and thoughts. No emotion doubts arise when you align with the Pink amethyst.
-Pink lavender amethyst strengthens the health of 7th chakra and relieves all ailments associated with the chakra.
-It directs the personal power of determination and will power to be aligned with the highest aspirations in life.
-It dispels all doubts involved with in a relationship.
-Freedom from the feeling of victimization
-Relief from overwhelming situations
-Protection from negative vibrations arising from lack of patience or over-excitement
-Peel off the karmic cycle and promote self-love amongst the siblings
-Induce calmness once you are betrayed by someone

Rose Amethyst Chakra:

Amethyst is great if you want to get rid of some addictions, or if you need to work on your spiritual development. Meditation, balance, transformation of consciousness, harmony, and peace are the keywords of Amethyst. Deep purple Amethyst stones are my favorite. They simply shine with spirituality and I use them when I want to adopt new metaphysical and spiritual models. They help me increase my intuition and install peace, understanding and crystal clear thoughts. Now the pink color it the color of the heart. Everything that has to do with love, soothing feelings, and kindness. Pink together with green are the colors of the heart chakra. So the pink color brings some enhanced energy of love to Amethyst. Or when you need to add some comfort and soothing to the attributes of Amethyst. Also when you want to use Amethyst in crystal healing for addictions - adding pink Amethyst can help in breaking the old habits in a not so radical way. I love to sleep with my favorite Amethyst under the pillow. But sometimes I switch it for Rose Quartz. Amethyst helps me improve the chances of lucid dreaming. I've also noticed that it helps me to recall the dream after waking up in the morning. Rose quartz is great when I want to achieve emotional balance. It supports the universal energy of love. But what if I wanted to have both? I can use Amethyst and Rose quartz together, which is a great combination. The alternative seems to be Pink Amethyst. It keeps the original energy of Amethyst that influences the spirit and the mind and combines it with the energy of love. If you are drawn to pink amethyst there has to be something within you energy field that resonates with its unique vibration. Try to find a natural stone that hasn't been created or modified in laboratory. Properly cleanse the stone to make sure its original vibrational pattern is restored.

How to Use Rose Amethyst:

AMETHYST MOST COMMON USES (are but not limited to)
- Boosting Creativity
- Emotional Balancing
- Helping relieve Addictive Tendencies
- Enhancing psychic abilities and tuning into energies
- Third eye & Crown Chakras

Handmade item

Materials: rock, metal, stone, gem, natural

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Length: 11

Height: 11