Rubycrosite Tumbled Stone | Small Tumbled Gemstone


Don't forget these...

This is for one (1) 20-45 mm rubycrosite tumbled stone

*Because these beautiful crystals are natural the one(s) you receive will look similar to the photos shown but not identical since each piece is unique.

*These are all natural gemstones, each one is unique is shape, size and look.

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Rubycrosite Meaning:

The Servant of the Servants, traditionally this stone has been used to preserve the body and improve mental health. It acts as a protective shield on all levels and brings economic stability, and inspires love

Rubycrosite Chakra:

A combination stone Rubycrosite is said to activate the crown chakra, and it may be helpful in soul healing and in past-life work. It’s considered this stone has the unusual property of promoting individuality while at the same time retaining interconnectedness with the rest of humanity.